Join our marketing krew

We are looking for freelancers to join our recommended network of trusted, hard-working, and talented marketing team members.

Perks of freelancing with us

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We exclusively work with existing freelance businesses and sole proprietorships. Keep your existing clients, bring in your clients for packages, and get offered new work through our agency's packages.

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Remote Work

Working as you would under your sole proprietorship or freelancing business, you can be entirely remote. Our team, while based in US and Canada, can be anywhere and in any timezone.

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Meeting Free

Our agency doesn't use meetings to communicate. We work over email and other technologies to assign tasks, work on projects, and complete work. Often, your task is self-contained and can be completed by you.

The Skeleton Krew freelancer experience

Hear from us on why we started Skeleton Krew Agency and what other freelancers think of being part of the network.

“We wanted to offer freelancers and clients ultimate flexibility.”

The goal of Skeleton Krew is to offer companies a trusted group of freelancers, saving costs on agency overhead or long-term contracts, while providing freelancers more predictable schedules and clients.

Samantha Lloyd
Managing Director

“Working on the parts that really make an impact.”

Growing the content arm of a business, and taking over strategy, often requires time-consuming tasks that don't lead to written content driving acquisition. At Skeleton Krew, our freelance teams can focus on what matters most to us and our clients (no meetings!).

Kristen Campbell
Director of Content

“Staying remote and doing the jobs I love.”

Skeleton Krew offers me the ability to maintain my existing freelance contracts, without taking a piece. Within the agency, I am brought on to various clients and projects but I bill the agency directly for fast, guaranteed invoice payments.

Paig Stafford
Marketing Coordinator