Ian Gillies

Ian Gillies is the Brand and Graphic Designer at Skeleton Krew.

Greetings my friends. My name is Ian Gillies. I'm a Designer of all things visual. My decades long experience in the world of graphic design has instilled in me an abiding and fervent set of design beliefs - Regardless the medium, design remains constant across all platforms. I believe everything boils down to design, and as a designer I feel it's my responsibility to help affect how people view the world around them. I have worked with companies large and small, independent and corporate, non-profit and Wall Street bound. And the most important thing I've learned along the way is that everyone deserves good design.

A Graphic Designer is a communicator who combines visual elements to tell a story, convey an idea, influence decisions and encourage discussions. I'm such a designer, and I approach every design challenge with the same mindset that everyone deserves good design.

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Ian Gillies

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