Marketing is in our bones

Skeleton Krew takes the time to understand the anatomy of your brand and target audience, which allows us to turn your company's marketing engine into an effective machine. We're a team of freelance marketers with extensive experience in our specialties.

The values underlying our organization

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Creative thinking

B2B isn't boring. Though there are many classic tactics and playbooks, that doesn't mean there is no room for creativity. We encourage ideas from all our team, and our clients, to come forward!

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Marketing without a return is the equivalent of flushing your company's hard-earned or raised money. We ensure we're hitting appropriate benchmarks for our clients' reporting.

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Our Managing Director is part of our clients' companies in full - participating in All Hands, BoD presentations, and more. We expect the same level of commitment from our freelancers to each other, clients, and projects.

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Deadlines are how we operate (you may notice most of us operate best when there are deadlines, in fact!). We adhere to them meticulously and expect the same of our clients. We need assets and information to move forward with projects.

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As a group of freelancers, we take ownership seriously. We all have ownership over our own businesses, timelines, and clients. Your projects are incredibly important to us.

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We are open about what works and doesn't and expect the same from our clients and freelancers. We all share our experiences! If your organization isn't able or willing to share metrics, reports, or analytics with us, we can't operate effectively.

Up to
increase in revenue with 52% increase in organic traffic conversion for B2C.
Up to
of sales pipeline driven by organic content and distribution.
Up to
increase in brand affinity through employer-brand projects.
Up to
in closed pipeline for B2B software companies.

Driving $100M+ in revenue

Skeleton Krew's team members have driven strong return and customer acquisition through marketing. By auditing and researching your brand and industry to truly understand how to market it, we enable strong strategies and fast execution for visible results.

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