Skeleton Krew pricing for monthly marketing packages

Marketing is meant to bring in business. We will build out the marketing strategy that will work for your business and execute quickly to effectively experiment and test the viability of the various, appropriate marketing channels for your organization.

How we build your marketing from the ground up

Explore the marketing packages below and see if there's a fit for your organization's needs.

Our services
Custom Plan - Startux X Webflow Template

Need a custom plan for your marketing strategy?

You may need a custom plan that is grander, smaller, or balances better for your existing marketing team's expertise, should you have individuals in place. We're happy to hear what your needs are and see if we're a fit for your organization's marketing plans.

Frequently asked questions

Prior to onboarding, our clients typically wonder how Skeleton Krew Agency works. Below are answers to your common questions.

How is my organization billed?

Your organization is billed on the first day or the first business day of each month for the subsequent month period (28-31 days).

Can I hire your freelancers outside of a package?

You can! Our packages bundle our team of freelancers to cover strategy and execution across all components of your marketing needs. This typically saves you costs and allows you to better map against a budget. If you want to hire a specific freelancer in our network, go for it! You can reach out on our contact page or message them on LinkedIn.

Can I set your freelancers up with internal email addresses and tools?

You are welcome to provide our Managing Director an internal or domain name email address at your business's domain. We will not use that email to communicate to your company or your partners, clients, board, or similar, as we are not officially part of the company. We will only use our agency email for communications, calendar invites, and similar. We are happy to use your domain email for account set ups for easy transfer and security of accounts.

How long are your contracts?

We do not hold any organization to a long-term contracts. You may cancel up to the last business day of the month, prior to the new billing period.

Do you offer hourly consulting services?

Yes, our Managing Director consults with companies acting as a Marketing Director or Marketing Advisor. Our Director of Content consults with companies acting as a Director of Content. If you already have an in-house team in place for execution and need leadership guidance and strategy, we can support in an hourly capacity.

Can I add your freelancers to Slack?

You are welcome to add our Managing Director or Director of Content to Slack for quick internal communications. You may add to the full Slack Workspace or through a private channel.