Natalie Nankissoor

Natalie Nankissoor is a Loyalty and Retention Consultant at Skeleton Krew.

Meet the krew: Natalie Nankissoor

Natalie Nankissoor is a Loyalty and Retention Consultant at Skeleton Krew.

Natalie Nankissoor is highly experienced in loyalty, customer journey optimization and product management. Natalie recently led a cross-functional team, overseeing a diverse product portfolio. Under her guidance, this portfolio achieved remarkable sales boosts and significantly enhanced customer engagement, showcasing her talent for delivering outstanding loyalty-driven results.

Natalie's journey includes collaborating on loyalty solutions and gamification projects with industry leaders such as Marvel and Disney, all with a primary focus on enhancing customer loyalty. As a versatile generalist, she is well-prepared to tackle challenges of any scale or complexity in the loyalty and customer experience domain. Her extensive agency background spans finance, automotive, retail, and education, where she specializes in loyalty programs. Her profound passion for optimizing loyalty initiatives and crafting exceptional customer journeys drives her mission to ensure individuals feel genuinely valued.

Natalie firmly believes that businesses have the power to influence their customers' lives daily through loyalty and journey enhancement. Her goal is to maximize the value of every dollar spent, fostering lasting loyalty and exceptional customer relationships. Prioritizing customer appreciation not only enhances the bottom line but also establishes enduring customer connections that span a lifetime. Natalie is ready to help you unlock the potential of loyalty and customer journey enhancement within your organization, transforming your business for lasting success.