Vladan Reljanovic

Vladan Reljanovic is Director of Sales & GTM at Skeleton Krew Agency.

Having worked in tech startups since 2014, Vladan Reljanovic is a well-rounded 2x unicorn experienced GTM expert in his field. He is well versed in working with a variety of SaaS startups; from pharmatech, to AI, to Deep Network Infrastructure and Marketing Solutions, as well as companies in all stages of maturity: pre-seed, seed, Series A,B.C including IPO and acquisition. With direct experience in Sales and Client success, Vlad brings his clients close to a decade's worth of solid and proven GTM strategy which yields tremendous results in a short period of time. 1st Million dollar months, .5% churn rates and 270% to goal of ARR are just some of the win's he's brought forth to various companies in SaaS.

The ingredient to his  success? Process, process, process with a dash of "willingness to pivot."

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