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Content Writer

Content writer for B2B blog content.

Content Writer at Skeleton Krew

Get assigned to various clients to write marketing content for B2B blogs.

Job responsibilities

What an average freelance opportunity to write with Skeleton Krew looks like:

  1. Be assigned client by Samantha or Kristen
  2. Be added to Content Strategy for client by Samantha or Kristen
  3. Research client, target market, brand guidelines, and other documentation provided
  4. Write content piece, as assigned (typically around 500 words for one piece)
  5. Submit content to Samantha or Kristen for review
  6. Update Content Strategy with your completed content

Pay & Contract

Let us know what you bill in a typical contract. Your contract and billing would be with Samantha or Kristen directly for all content written within 1 month, rather than billing multiple clients. Some options for pricing yourself out are:

  • Priced per word
  • Priced per 500 words
  • Priced per package of 3 or similar blog pieces
  • Special pricing for white papers, research, ebooks, and other large-scale content projects
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